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*Die erste englische Episode ist da! Das Intro und Outro ist noch Deutsch, aber das Interview mit der lieben Greta habe ich auf Englisch geführt.*

So what can astrology deliver when it comes to self-development?

How can our birth chart show us our strengths and weaknesses?

Where did it come from and why is it so accurate?

In this episode, Greta Zapolskyte from Lithuania, an astrologer, Reiki practitioner and student of life, shares her wisdom about the planets, houses and signs in astrology. She also explains the one thing that we should all look into that really helps us understand our life purpose better. This „thing“ doesn’t even need our exact birth time so you can look it up right after listening to this episode. Astrology can really boost your personal development, so what are you waiting for? 🙂

To connect or learn more about Greta, you can find here via Instagram:

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