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Eine weitere internationale Episode ist da. Das Intro und Outro ist Deutsch, aber das Interview mit Lina habe ich auf Englisch geführt.

It’s time to drop the emotional baggage and live with more peace and love.
10 minutes of EFT tapping can already make a visible difference.
Learn how it works in today’s episode.

You might have heard about EFT or tapping through Instagram Lives and Youtube videos which guide you to tap on certain points on your face and body to clear trauma, blockages and stuck emotions. But what is that exactly? How does it work and what’s the mechanism behind it? In today’s episode, I interviewed Lina Skukauske from Lithuania. She’s a Mindset Coach and EFT practitioner, Women’s circles’ & workshops’ leader, and mandala artist. In her work, she is helping awakening women to let go of their insecurities, heal from trauma and limiting beliefs to create a fulfilling life. She shares how you can get started with EFT, what her own experiences were and why caves and leeches (=Blutegel) played a big role in her journey.

Learn more about Lina here:
This is the video about the tapping points Lina mentioned:

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