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Are you curious about how your inner state affects your attractiveness? And what to focus on if you truly want to glow from within?

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Adora Winquist from the U.S., a true visionary and pioneer in the nascent field of Quantum Alchemy. She has been an innovator in the field of aromatherapy and energy medicine for over 20 years. Adora is the co-author of the upcoming book „Detox Nourish Activate: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood and Love“. This episode explores what beauty really is on a quantum level and what healing and feeling have to do with what we understand by attractiveness. An episode full of deep insights that will shift how you see beauty in and around you!

Show Notes:

– Learn more about Adora via her homepage:
– and her upcoming retreat in the South of France in September 2021:
– Here you can check out her book:
– And if you’d like to try one of her DNA Aromatherapeutic Sets, you can save 20% with code DNAOILS.

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